Monday, 15 September 2014

Treats of the Week - My Brother is Famous

Fall always seems to have a habit of arriving with an exclamation point - suddenly, FALL!  I love the fall, but I'm still not quite ready to accept it.  I'm still stubbornly wearing bare legs even though it's freezing in the mornings - can't quite pull out the tights yet!  Here's your treats!

  • So my brother Matt has basically always been cooler than me.  Now it's basically cemented since he's in the new Waka Flocka music video.  You can see him stage diving at 2:54.  This will no doubt launch his career as a professional wrestler - he has pretty perfect form in that stage dive!

  • I went to see Lewis Black on Saturday night, after months of anticipation.  It was an awesome evening - he did a full 90 minute set, which was a really solid.  I know I've said it before, but I love seeing live comedy and hope to be able to see more and more of it.

  • While I was out on Saturday night I got the best kind of compliment - the stranger compliment.  Some lovely lady took it upon herself to compliment my jacket.  There is nothing better than the stranger compliment, because they have nothing to gain from it.  Just putting that positive energy out into the universe.
  • I'm starting a LOST rewatch and I'm really looking forward to going through the series again.  Hard to believe it's been 10 years since the premiere.
  • I finally got around to meeting my friend's adorable new baby - only took me almost a month to get over there after a slew of complications on all sides.
  • Vivian and I had a nice little pizza party with our buddies on Friday night.
  • One of the JPs at my work the other day had a sticker on his hand that said "Well Done".  I kind of teased him about it before court and he told me his granddaughter had put it on his hand because she thought he was doing a good job.  So he wore it all day, all through court saying it was more important that she see that it was still on his hand at the end of the day than him feeling silly about it.  He's a pretty great guy.
  • I've been catching up on The Leftovers finally (I will probably be done with the first season tomorrow) and I've been quite enjoying it!  It's odd, and the pacing is a bit slow, but I'm enjoying the character development enough to stick with it for another season.
  • Is there anything better than getting ready to go somewhere and being able to really take your time?  I love to put on some good music and just take my time getting showered, dressed, doing my hair, makeup, the whole deal.  It's basically the ultimate luxury in my life at this point.  Doesn't happen too often, so I relish the opportunity when I can.

Compliment a stranger, give them a treat for the week!

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