Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Treats of the Week - It's Tuesday

So apparently today is Tuesday and I officially forgot to do my blog post yesterday.  Yikes.  I'm slipping in my old age.  Sigh.  Between working at another court on Thursday, being home sick on Friday, and then a holiday Monday it's safe to say that my days are completely messed up.  Moving on.


  • I took Vivian to Storybook Gardens to check out a live My Little Pony/Equestria Girls show.  It was pretty great - Vivian enjoyed it and we had a nice little morning out together.  Only a few meltdowns on the way out, typical.
  • While we were waiting in line for the slide I told Vivian that was her last ride because it was our last ticket.  I was kind of glad it was our last ticket because I was done, but a nice man behind us offered Vivian one of their tickets so she could go on another ride.  The kindness of strangers.

  • I received a whole bunch of new (to me) movies while I was sick, which was perfect.  I've been watching lots of documentaries - it's so nice to have them handy!
  • Antibiotics are a wonderful thing - turns out I was sick with strep throat and they kicked it right out of me.
  • I went to see Sin City 2 and really enjoyed it.  I'm kind of a sucker for those highly-visual movies though, and I thought the 3D was really well done.
  • Labour Day ended up being a great day with time spent on the beach and eating way too much food at mom's for dinner.  

  • Even though I didn't have to get much in the way of school supplies for Vivian this year, that didn't mean I could pass them up for myself!  Yay new pens!

Next week treats will be on Monday, fo shizz!

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