Wednesday, 3 September 2014


Texting is a complicated method of communication.  There's a lot of things that get missed, a lot of things that get over-interpreted, a lot of things that get's complicated.  Over the years and thousands of text messages, Jenn and I have come up with many of our own expressions.  It makes things quicker and easier, and we think we're super clever so of course we would come up with our own expressions.  

One of our newest terms was "text-chicken".  As in, playing text-chicken.  Text-chicken, of course, is the state of being in a standoff with another person over whose turn it is to text next.  Example - "Did you hear from Whatshisface last night?"  "No, we're playing text-chicken.  But I texted him last, so I am not texting him again."

Simple, to the point, and effective.  It makes sense, right?  So as I often do, I turned to Urban Dictionary to see if the term was already included.  To my great surprise, it wasn't.  So I jumped all over that opportunity to go down in history as part of the team who coined the phrase "text-chicken" and submitted it to Urban Dictionary and eagerly awaited their reply.

Here's the reply.

That's a great big frowny face right there.


I haven't had to deal with a great deal of rejection in my life.  So this one stings.  Why you gotta play me like that, Urban Dictionary?  But here's what I figure - they rejected it because not enough people are using it yet.  So take the phrase out into the world, people.  Bitch about how some guy didn't text you back and now you're playing text-chicken.  Hashtag that shit.  Link it back to me here.  Maybe I'll get some tee-shirts printed up, "Don't text-chicken me, bro".  WE CAN TAKE OVER THE WORLD WITH THIS.

Text-chicken.  Learn it, live it, love it.

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