Monday, 4 August 2014

Treats of the Week - August Slow Down

It's been kind of an odd week - both busy and not much happening at the same time.  Just busy doing regular stuff, I suppose.  Or maybe it's just that point of the summer - we're into August and things feel lazy, but also like the clock is ticking as September approaches and brings all those changes.  Either that or it was just one of those weeks where I didn't really write down treats as I thought of them and now it's Monday night and I can't think of anything.  Either way.

  • Brave Miss Vivian got her ears pierced, and despite the look on her face here, she loves them and did really well.  She cried for a bit afterwards, especially when we Facetimed her dad to show him.  It was all her idea (and Aunt Courtney's) and I've bee impressed that she's left them alone.  I was completely predicting that she would be pulling at the constantly.

  • I finally busted out my sewing machine this weekend, and after much swearing I even kind of, sort of got it threaded and running.  Vivian's blanket was in need of some repairs, and I managed to get through that okay.  I'll have to have some more practice before taking on anything more challenging though!
  • I finished season 2 of House of Cards, and enjoyed it quite a bit more than the first season.  Productivity!
  • I saw some good movies - both Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (or DOT POT Apes as I am so fond of calling it) and Wish I Was Here.  I kind of jumped on the chance to see Wish I Was Here after realizing it was playing at the Rainbow in London.  Just one of those smaller movies that I didn't expect to catch in theatres, so it was great to go see it!
  • Nachos and snacky food - always my favourite.
  • I've been rewatching Mixology, which is awesome for when you need something to throw on in the background.
  • I got an early birthday present from my mom in the form of two lovely people who came by to do all of the grunt work that needed done in my yard that I couldn't manage on my own.  They were amazing - they ripped off my old deck, cleared out all the brush that had accumulated around the shed, weeded and tidied up gardens, and limbed up some trees.  Mom decided this was a necessary birthday present since she declared that it was starting to look like no one lived here because of the state of the yard.  That is, however, a ridiculous statement since Domino's gets delivered here on the regular, so obviously the neighbours know someone lives here.

Former deck!

Have a week!

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