Monday, 18 August 2014

Treats of the Week - Pizza and ugly couches

Somehow we seem to be rapidly approaching the end of August, which is just bizarre.  Still plenty of time for summer treats though!

  • Requesting a song that I know Jenn hates just to troll her.  Sorry, Jenn!
  • I saw "Boyhood" on the weekend and thought it was just incredible.  It hit me pretty hard because I saw a lot of my mom and my brother Matthew in the movie.  Do yourself a favour and go see it - it's really unlike anything else.
  • This is ridiculously self-indulgent, but I am still getting so many compliments on my hair, even just from random strangers.  Never fails to make me smile!
  • Jenn and I checked out the Brydges Street Market and I basically fell in love with this couch.  I wants it so hard.  Note the attached end tables.  Have you ever seen anything more glorious?

  • On my lunch break on Friday I checked out a shop near my work, where I found a Queen Elizabeth II tray that I really wanted for my Canadiana collection.  But it was $40, and I felt like that was a bit much.  Then at the Brydges Street Market I spotted the exact same tray now for $14.95 - still seemed pricey though.  So imagine my delight when I found the tray AGAIN at another booth at Brydges but this one was $6.  Total score.

  • Back to School sales are well underway, and even though Vivian doesn't need much for Back to School it's the perfect time to stock up on art supplies, and stuff around the house.  It's a great time to grab things like pillows, sheets, picture frames, and of that random houseware stuff is all on for great prices right now!
  • The best pizza in the world is from Oh! Pizza in Port Franks, but it's only around for the summer.  Since the season is winding down we ordered it for dinner at my mom's last night and she got me my own pizza so I could take home lots of leftovers, which didn't last very long.  So yummy.
  • One of the JPs at work bought a bunch of tarts and goodies for us clerks over the lunch break!

  • One of my favourite things is pushing a joke way, way beyond its limits.  I got into a pretty epic text battle yesterday of volleying a joke back and forth and it was hilarious.  I would give you more details, but it's kind of a million dollar idea and you can't steal it.
  • FINALLY there is Frozen merchandise that's a little more accessible.  I was finally able to get my hands on an "Elsa in the blue dress" that Vivian has been asking for since last November.  I'm being mean and have hidden it away until her birthday or Christmas though.

Have a treat-filled week, yo!

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