Monday, 11 August 2014

Treats of the Week - Beer and Wandering

It's rainy out, and I'm sleepy.  It might be because of the rain, or it might be because Vivian was up a couple of times through the night and some random number decided to call my cellphone in the middle of the night.  Either way, I'm feeling lazy and blah.  The past week has had some lovely moments though, so let's focus on that, shall we?

  • I actually set aside some time last week and managed to write about six blog posts so I've got a few stashed away ready to post.  That used to be my weekly practice, but I've gotten lazy and fallen out of the habit.  It's nice knowing I have some new content ready to go!
  • Strawberry pies from McDonalds are goddamned delicious.  I won't tell you how many I've eaten recently, but I will tell you that I plan on having only protein shakes for lunch for the next few days...
  • Beertown is a new-ish place in London that I've finally been able to check out.  Now that I've been, it's become one of my favourite places.  The beer selection is crazy, and the food is that brand of slightly fancy pub fare that I always enjoy.  Of course I just pick my beers based on their names and/or labels, but my system has yet to fail me.

  • I spent a good part of Saturday just wandering - checking out some thrift stores, wandering the mall, Chapters, etc.  Just enjoying spending time being out and about with no real timeline.  My favourite.
  • It's SHARK WEEK and I know you're all just as excited as I am.  I've got basically everything recording at some point so I can squirrel it away on my external hard drive for when I need a shark special, as you do.  
  • Bachelor in Paradise is on, and it's just as ridiculous as I had hoped it would be.  Summer trash TV at its finest.
  • The new IKEA catalog is out, and even though I haven't made the pilgrimage to Burlington in quite some time I always enjoy perusing the catalog and picturing my life being so neatly organized and arranged.
  • Chris Lilley's new series started on HBO on Friday, this time focusing on his Jonah character in Jonah from Tonga.  Chris Lilley certainly isn't getting any younger, but he still manages to believably pull off playing a teenager.  I just adore his work - it's pretty amazing.

Have a week!

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