Thursday, 10 July 2014

Very Vivian - Gymnastics

Vivian, that busy little bee, has just wrapped up her gymnastics class for the year.  I wasn't going to sign her up for gymnastics this year - last year she had kind of a rough time following directions and focusing on things, so I was just going to let it slide and figured she was doing enough with dance.  But when springtime rolled around, she started asking about gymnastics so it was back to GymWorld for us!  They do a great job there - I really like the spring session that we do.  It runs from late April to late June, so it kind of fits in nicely with her other activites.

She did much better this time around - she really seemed to listen and enjoyed doing all of the little moves for the coaches.  I'm not sure if we'll sign up for it again next year - only because I'm hoping she will be getting more into dance and possibly getting into competitions, so other things might have to slide.  We will see though!  Here's her big ta-da!

I took a video of their final routine - but my phone was running out of space and cut off so it's not the whole thing!  I'm really not sure why they had them dance to Sweet Home Alabama, but I guess it works!

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