Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Very Vivian - On Vacation

Last week was our family vacation to Huntsville and it was so nice to get away.  Even with a very long drive in a van that was filled with two adults, four children, and one teenager we somehow made it there in one piece and had a great time.  The drive was totally worth it when we got to the resort and saw our view.


We ended up getting a lot of rain on our trip, but it was still great.  Here's a few of the highlights!

This little guy ha a burrow like right outside our balcony.  It was hilarious, the kids thought it was great.  He was so fat and adorable.  And he really enjoyed all the crackers that Vivian threw to him.

We spent most of the time at the resort in the pool (thank god I got around to getting that bathing suit before the trip!) so there aren't too many pictures.  But the one evening we ventured out for a walk around the resort and got some nice pictures of the kids.  I love this one of little Lukey!

If course Vivian wasn't as cooperative.  She was too busy checking out the jet skis.  She's her mother's daughter.

When we ventured out to Santa's Village it started as a wet, cold day and we were a little worried that it would be a washout.  We ended up getting some sunny skies though and it all went well.  Courtney and Blair even came up to join us for the day so it was a real family affair.  

Vivian got her face painted as Hello Kitty, which was great at the start of the day, but looked crazy by the end of the day.

Santa was a real hit this year too - no one freaked out!  Vivian announced that she is no longer afraid of Santa because he's just pretend.  I hope she doesn't start spreading that around school in the fall.

Vivian and Blair had so much fun hanging out together - even though Vivian kind of looks like a Batman villain here.

It's a great park for kids this age - they can go on everything and it's not super busy.  The staff were all awesome too - letting you stay on rides as much as you wanted, pointing you in the right direction, and Santa was even wandering around the park to talk to kids whenever they wanted.

I think my favourite part of the trip was when Vivian fell asleep on the roller coaster.  After riding it for a solid 45 minutes her glee must have overwhelmed her because she laid her little head down on the safety bar and fell fast asleep for an entire tour of the rollercoaster.  There's those sensory issues - she was completely lulled to sleep by the movement.

Yup, only Vivian.

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