Monday, 21 July 2014

Treats of the Week - Vacation Style

Back to work today after a lovely week off.  It was a busy one, but it was a really great week, lots of treats!  I won't get too into the trip on this post, I'll do a separate one later.

  • Not only did my car get the alternator fixed while I was away, but the broken heated seat on the passenger side was also fixed!  So if you have a sweaty ass while in my car, it's no longer my car's fault.
  • While at the hotel restaurant in Huntsville, Vivian quite proudly told the waiter, "My Grandma wants some fish!"  She should always order.  Sophie, the babysitter we brought on vacation with us, also thought that the waiter was going in for a high five when he was really reaching for the menus.  It was pretty amazing.
  • We took a lot of back roads on our drive up north, and ended up driving through some really pretty places!  My favourite was Dunedin - lots of cute stone cottages, and every front yard seemed to have a stream with a little footbridge over it.
  • We did some canoeing before we left the resort and somehow managed to avoid capsizing with these two crazies in the middle.

It was really great to get out in a canoe.  Mom and I will have to try and take the kids to the Pinery to do some more canoeing this summer.

  • While in the Muskokas I had to pick up some official Musokoka beer - but I mostly picked it because I liked the package design.

  • I watched the most bizarre movie - Crimewave, an old movie by Sam Raimi.  While watching it I commented how it reminded me a bit of a Coen Brothers movie, and wondered if it influence them, especially on The Hudsucker Proxy because there was a prison in Crimewave that was the Hudsucker Penitentiary.  Lo and behold when the end credits rolled the Coen Brothers had writing credits.  Mucho pop culture knowledge points for me!
  • Jenn got all moved in to her new place on Saturday - and even though it was pouring rain, we had some awesome help and got it all done.  Can't wait for my first sleepover at her new pad!
  • After all the busyness of being away, Sunday was a very, very lazy day.  I stayed in my pajamas all damn day and just hung out with Vivian letting her do basically whatever she wanted.  I got caught up on my comics and started a new book, all while heating up leftover pasta and eating cereal for most of the day.  Glorious.
Hope you all score some pop culture points of your own this week!

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