Monday, 7 July 2014

Treats of the Week - The Universe Provides

On Friday, an old friend from high school posted that he was looking for a replacement cell phone charger.  Being the kind person that I am, I offered to mail him mine since I had the kind he was looking for and no longer needed it.  As I was at the post office getting the package measured and weighed, the woman at the counter asked me why I was mailing a cell phone charger and I explained it to her.  "Wow, that's so nice of you!  He really owes you one!" I told her that it was just my good deed for the day, and that the universe would send it back to me.

The universe totally sent it back to me.

The next day Jenn and I were out for a random adventure, just taking things as they came and going with the flow.  The universe directed our entire evening and it was awesome!  I totally wish I could blog about the entire evening in detail here, but to protect the innocent parties I'll just hit the highlights!
  • We hit up Sunfest (like everyone else did, apparently) and got our yummy, yummy eats.

  • While we chilled on the grass, we became obsessed with watching this vehicle trying to parallel park into a teeny tiny spot.  I'd watched other people attempt it and fail, but this guy was determined.  He had a spotter out guiding him, but it was the most stunning display of parking aptitude I had ever seen.  When the family piled out of the vehicle, we stood there and willed them to walk by us.  When they actually did (thank you, universe!) we had to stop them and applaud their efforts.  It was amazing.

  • After leaving Sunfest we got a random tip that a band Jenn knew was playing at the Blackshire, so we decided to head down there.  After scoring a parking spot directly in front of the bar (in downtown London, at like 10pm - unheard of!) I looked to my left and saw that none other than Batman was out in front of the bar.  Yes, universe.  We are supposed to be here.  It was a whole Superhero evening - amazing.

  • Jenn even got called up for some trivia and won a "Spiderman on a stick" which proved to be quite the conversation piece.

Yes, the universe was good to us that night.  

In other news this week...

  • I saw a girl at Target wearing acid washed jeans and a Kurt Cobain t-shirt.  I kind of wanted to hug her.
  • This gif was making me giggle like crazy at my desk at work - I can't stop watching it.

  • Amanda and I took the kids out yesterday to hang out at the pool in Strathroy.  We spent an awesome time having a picnic, swimming in the pool and hanging out in the park.  The kids even got to ride the train - it was an awesome summer afternoon.

Do your good deeds, people!  The universe will thank you!

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