Monday, 28 July 2014

Treats of the Week - Sweet Summer Concerts

I swear it's still summer out there, even though it's freezing cold out at the moment.  Not complaining, just observing.

  • Thursday night was the Tegan & Sara/Weezer show in London and I had an amazing time.  It was the perfect weather, perfect company, perfect evening.  I'm going to do a whole post about it because it was so straight up ridiculous, don't you worry.

  • Unexpectedly running into old friends
  • I saw a dad at Target taking his 3 little boys up and down the escalators over and over and over again.  It was pretty darn adorable.
  • I finished season 2 of Homeland - such intrigue!
  • It was San Diego Comic Con, and while I wasn't there (AGAIN) I did do my best to OD on information and news.  The new trailer for Mad Max looks ridiculously badass - I can't freaking wait!

  • Seeing where the evening takes me.
  • Mom and I took these two maniacs for a Day out with Thomas, and had a great time

  • Surprise flowers showing up at my desk at work.

Have a week!

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