Monday, 14 July 2014

Treats of the Week - Stupid Supermoon

I'm on vacation for a few days, so I'm posting this from the app and have no idea how it will turn out.  So apologies for poor pictures and spelling, but whatever. Vacay!  The recent Supermoon managed to wreak havoc with my evening thanks to my poor car breaking down, but thanks to the kindness of strangers and friends alike the Foxy Focus and I should be reunited in no time.

Now, the treats.

Somehow, the LA Mood Graphic Novel Group is 5 years old!  I may not make it to every meeting any more, but I feel completely welcome every time I do make it in.  I love being a part of that group, especially when there is cake involved.

Back to school supplies are already appearing in stores, and I basically want one of everything.

After weeks of being missing in action, I finally found my old iPod Nano!  Now I have no excuse for avoiding cutting the grass.

I was actually super productive at work this week and got a whole bunch of shit done before clocking out for the vacay.

I goty hands on Season 4 of Downton Abbey - oh so scandalous!

On a Friday whim I hit up Lovesick to see what I could find in vintage clothing land and managed to find the cutest vest!  Not to worry, a full outfit post will follow.

There is Guardians of the Galaxy toys on the shelves and I kind of want it for myself...

While having a coffee with a friend at White Oaks there was this lovely old man wandering around telling jokes.  Yes, they were corny, and yes not everyone wanted to be bothered by his jokes but I thought he was a sweetheart and was happy to humour him.  Love that positivity being put out there.  

Be excellent to each other!

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