Thursday, 17 July 2014

Outfit of the Day - See My Vest

Ugh, I can't find a decent video of the song anywhere, so this will have to do.  Get the song in your head while you continue to read...

Last Friday I just had the urge to head downtown and check out Lovesick. I've loved that vintage clothing shop for years, and don't make it in often enough.  On that day there was just something in the air - my court wrapped up quickly, the sun was shining, and the owner posted an Arctic Monkeys video on Facebook that just sealed the deal and forced me to head downtown.  As usual, I wasn't disappointed.

I across a few super cute menswear vests, which is something that I've been thinking about picking up for quite some time.  There's something about them that seems really effortlessly sexy without being over the top.  I finally settled on this one, which is actually more of a navy blue than grey, which I liked.  It made it just a little bit different and should be fun to pair with things.  Once I got it home I realized that it's actually reversible too, the other side is solid navy - bonus vest!

I wore it out with Jenn on Saturday night, which ended up being an...interesting night.  Turns out this outfit is perfect for pushing your car out of a drive-thru when the alternator dies.

I paired it with a yellow striped tank and my favourite jeggins from Maurices.  Of course I had to go with my glasses to complete the outfit, since I had to go full hipster-chic.  I was a little concerned that I would look like I belonged in Mumford and Sons, so I stopped short of adding any suspenders or anything.  I did consider a drapey pretty necklace, but it ended up being a bit too much going on.

I'm loving the vest - I can't wait to try it out at work with skirts and layered over some other tops for variety.  The best part is that when you sit down, it gives you the illusion of a lovely flat stomach.  A solid investment, especially for $10!

I really like the vest.

Vintage vest - Lovesick
Tank - Old Navy
Jeggings - Maurices
Sandals - Joe Fresh

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