Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Almost ready for that Wall O' Canadiana

 So I've been mentioning how I have this random obsession of having a wall o' Canadiana somewhere in the house.  I don't know why, and I don't know when it started, but I have gotten the idea in my head and just can't shake it.  So I've been collecting up bits and pieces of things that I come across when I'm out on my thrifting adventures and have about gotten to the point that I need to get things on the walls rather than continuing to accumulate in a drawer.

Here's my collection so far...

Plus my London building prints that are already on the wall.  And I also ordered a bunch more postcards last night on a whim.

The only thing holding me back from hanging things up has been deciding where to put it all.  I think I've settled on setting it up in the office, since as Jenn says, "It seems like an officey thing".  I have a weird thing about not wanting to hang cool things up in places where guests won't immediately see them, but I suppose I can deal with that.  

But before I hang things up, I kind of want to paint the office.  It's the only room in the house that I haven't painted yet, and it kind of makes me crazy.  It's painted a non-colour at the moment, a stupid off-white/beige deal that I just can't stand.  I like rooms to have a real colour.  I love the look of art hanging on a bold wall.  the problem with this room is that it's pretty teeny-tiny, so I'm worried that a dark colour and lots of stuff on the walls will make it seem too closed-in.  I also want to make sure that the colour works with all my Canadiana, so of course my first thought is a red, but maybe that's too intense?  I like this...

I found it on Pinterest, but the link is broken so whatever.  Looks like it's from Elle Decor though.

I dunno - I can't seem to settle on a good idea for the wall colour.  So obviously the internets should help me.

Help me, internet friends.  What colour should I use as a backdrop for my Canadiana?


Anonymous said...

Burnt orange, or some shade of green, maybe jade.

Anonymous said...

You could always use the off white, but get some maple leaf bordering or shaped sponges to make your oan leafy fall colored border (obviously with predominantly maple leafs). Or forget a border and just have lots o random maple leafs painted all over the walls.

Anonymous said...

What about an accent wall for collection?
Lisa M

Anonymous said...

*your collection (stupid phone)