Monday, 28 July 2014

Treats of the Week - Sweet Summer Concerts

I swear it's still summer out there, even though it's freezing cold out at the moment.  Not complaining, just observing.

  • Thursday night was the Tegan & Sara/Weezer show in London and I had an amazing time.  It was the perfect weather, perfect company, perfect evening.  I'm going to do a whole post about it because it was so straight up ridiculous, don't you worry.

  • Unexpectedly running into old friends
  • I saw a dad at Target taking his 3 little boys up and down the escalators over and over and over again.  It was pretty darn adorable.
  • I finished season 2 of Homeland - such intrigue!
  • It was San Diego Comic Con, and while I wasn't there (AGAIN) I did do my best to OD on information and news.  The new trailer for Mad Max looks ridiculously badass - I can't freaking wait!

  • Seeing where the evening takes me.
  • Mom and I took these two maniacs for a Day out with Thomas, and had a great time

  • Surprise flowers showing up at my desk at work.

Have a week!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Very Vivian - On Vacation

Last week was our family vacation to Huntsville and it was so nice to get away.  Even with a very long drive in a van that was filled with two adults, four children, and one teenager we somehow made it there in one piece and had a great time.  The drive was totally worth it when we got to the resort and saw our view.


We ended up getting a lot of rain on our trip, but it was still great.  Here's a few of the highlights!

This little guy ha a burrow like right outside our balcony.  It was hilarious, the kids thought it was great.  He was so fat and adorable.  And he really enjoyed all the crackers that Vivian threw to him.

We spent most of the time at the resort in the pool (thank god I got around to getting that bathing suit before the trip!) so there aren't too many pictures.  But the one evening we ventured out for a walk around the resort and got some nice pictures of the kids.  I love this one of little Lukey!

If course Vivian wasn't as cooperative.  She was too busy checking out the jet skis.  She's her mother's daughter.

When we ventured out to Santa's Village it started as a wet, cold day and we were a little worried that it would be a washout.  We ended up getting some sunny skies though and it all went well.  Courtney and Blair even came up to join us for the day so it was a real family affair.  

Vivian got her face painted as Hello Kitty, which was great at the start of the day, but looked crazy by the end of the day.

Santa was a real hit this year too - no one freaked out!  Vivian announced that she is no longer afraid of Santa because he's just pretend.  I hope she doesn't start spreading that around school in the fall.

Vivian and Blair had so much fun hanging out together - even though Vivian kind of looks like a Batman villain here.

It's a great park for kids this age - they can go on everything and it's not super busy.  The staff were all awesome too - letting you stay on rides as much as you wanted, pointing you in the right direction, and Santa was even wandering around the park to talk to kids whenever they wanted.

I think my favourite part of the trip was when Vivian fell asleep on the roller coaster.  After riding it for a solid 45 minutes her glee must have overwhelmed her because she laid her little head down on the safety bar and fell fast asleep for an entire tour of the rollercoaster.  There's those sensory issues - she was completely lulled to sleep by the movement.

Yup, only Vivian.

Almost ready for that Wall O' Canadiana

 So I've been mentioning how I have this random obsession of having a wall o' Canadiana somewhere in the house.  I don't know why, and I don't know when it started, but I have gotten the idea in my head and just can't shake it.  So I've been collecting up bits and pieces of things that I come across when I'm out on my thrifting adventures and have about gotten to the point that I need to get things on the walls rather than continuing to accumulate in a drawer.

Here's my collection so far...

Plus my London building prints that are already on the wall.  And I also ordered a bunch more postcards last night on a whim.

The only thing holding me back from hanging things up has been deciding where to put it all.  I think I've settled on setting it up in the office, since as Jenn says, "It seems like an officey thing".  I have a weird thing about not wanting to hang cool things up in places where guests won't immediately see them, but I suppose I can deal with that.  

But before I hang things up, I kind of want to paint the office.  It's the only room in the house that I haven't painted yet, and it kind of makes me crazy.  It's painted a non-colour at the moment, a stupid off-white/beige deal that I just can't stand.  I like rooms to have a real colour.  I love the look of art hanging on a bold wall.  the problem with this room is that it's pretty teeny-tiny, so I'm worried that a dark colour and lots of stuff on the walls will make it seem too closed-in.  I also want to make sure that the colour works with all my Canadiana, so of course my first thought is a red, but maybe that's too intense?  I like this...

I found it on Pinterest, but the link is broken so whatever.  Looks like it's from Elle Decor though.

I dunno - I can't seem to settle on a good idea for the wall colour.  So obviously the internets should help me.

Help me, internet friends.  What colour should I use as a backdrop for my Canadiana?

Monday, 21 July 2014

Treats of the Week - Vacation Style

Back to work today after a lovely week off.  It was a busy one, but it was a really great week, lots of treats!  I won't get too into the trip on this post, I'll do a separate one later.

  • Not only did my car get the alternator fixed while I was away, but the broken heated seat on the passenger side was also fixed!  So if you have a sweaty ass while in my car, it's no longer my car's fault.
  • While at the hotel restaurant in Huntsville, Vivian quite proudly told the waiter, "My Grandma wants some fish!"  She should always order.  Sophie, the babysitter we brought on vacation with us, also thought that the waiter was going in for a high five when he was really reaching for the menus.  It was pretty amazing.
  • We took a lot of back roads on our drive up north, and ended up driving through some really pretty places!  My favourite was Dunedin - lots of cute stone cottages, and every front yard seemed to have a stream with a little footbridge over it.
  • We did some canoeing before we left the resort and somehow managed to avoid capsizing with these two crazies in the middle.

It was really great to get out in a canoe.  Mom and I will have to try and take the kids to the Pinery to do some more canoeing this summer.

  • While in the Muskokas I had to pick up some official Musokoka beer - but I mostly picked it because I liked the package design.

  • I watched the most bizarre movie - Crimewave, an old movie by Sam Raimi.  While watching it I commented how it reminded me a bit of a Coen Brothers movie, and wondered if it influence them, especially on The Hudsucker Proxy because there was a prison in Crimewave that was the Hudsucker Penitentiary.  Lo and behold when the end credits rolled the Coen Brothers had writing credits.  Mucho pop culture knowledge points for me!
  • Jenn got all moved in to her new place on Saturday - and even though it was pouring rain, we had some awesome help and got it all done.  Can't wait for my first sleepover at her new pad!
  • After all the busyness of being away, Sunday was a very, very lazy day.  I stayed in my pajamas all damn day and just hung out with Vivian letting her do basically whatever she wanted.  I got caught up on my comics and started a new book, all while heating up leftover pasta and eating cereal for most of the day.  Glorious.
Hope you all score some pop culture points of your own this week!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Outfit of the Day - See My Vest

Ugh, I can't find a decent video of the song anywhere, so this will have to do.  Get the song in your head while you continue to read...

Last Friday I just had the urge to head downtown and check out Lovesick. I've loved that vintage clothing shop for years, and don't make it in often enough.  On that day there was just something in the air - my court wrapped up quickly, the sun was shining, and the owner posted an Arctic Monkeys video on Facebook that just sealed the deal and forced me to head downtown.  As usual, I wasn't disappointed.

I across a few super cute menswear vests, which is something that I've been thinking about picking up for quite some time.  There's something about them that seems really effortlessly sexy without being over the top.  I finally settled on this one, which is actually more of a navy blue than grey, which I liked.  It made it just a little bit different and should be fun to pair with things.  Once I got it home I realized that it's actually reversible too, the other side is solid navy - bonus vest!

I wore it out with Jenn on Saturday night, which ended up being an...interesting night.  Turns out this outfit is perfect for pushing your car out of a drive-thru when the alternator dies.

I paired it with a yellow striped tank and my favourite jeggins from Maurices.  Of course I had to go with my glasses to complete the outfit, since I had to go full hipster-chic.  I was a little concerned that I would look like I belonged in Mumford and Sons, so I stopped short of adding any suspenders or anything.  I did consider a drapey pretty necklace, but it ended up being a bit too much going on.

I'm loving the vest - I can't wait to try it out at work with skirts and layered over some other tops for variety.  The best part is that when you sit down, it gives you the illusion of a lovely flat stomach.  A solid investment, especially for $10!

I really like the vest.

Vintage vest - Lovesick
Tank - Old Navy
Jeggings - Maurices
Sandals - Joe Fresh

Monday, 14 July 2014

Treats of the Week - Stupid Supermoon

I'm on vacation for a few days, so I'm posting this from the app and have no idea how it will turn out.  So apologies for poor pictures and spelling, but whatever. Vacay!  The recent Supermoon managed to wreak havoc with my evening thanks to my poor car breaking down, but thanks to the kindness of strangers and friends alike the Foxy Focus and I should be reunited in no time.

Now, the treats.

Somehow, the LA Mood Graphic Novel Group is 5 years old!  I may not make it to every meeting any more, but I feel completely welcome every time I do make it in.  I love being a part of that group, especially when there is cake involved.

Back to school supplies are already appearing in stores, and I basically want one of everything.

After weeks of being missing in action, I finally found my old iPod Nano!  Now I have no excuse for avoiding cutting the grass.

I was actually super productive at work this week and got a whole bunch of shit done before clocking out for the vacay.

I goty hands on Season 4 of Downton Abbey - oh so scandalous!

On a Friday whim I hit up Lovesick to see what I could find in vintage clothing land and managed to find the cutest vest!  Not to worry, a full outfit post will follow.

There is Guardians of the Galaxy toys on the shelves and I kind of want it for myself...

While having a coffee with a friend at White Oaks there was this lovely old man wandering around telling jokes.  Yes, they were corny, and yes not everyone wanted to be bothered by his jokes but I thought he was a sweetheart and was happy to humour him.  Love that positivity being put out there.  

Be excellent to each other!

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Very Vivian - Gymnastics

Vivian, that busy little bee, has just wrapped up her gymnastics class for the year.  I wasn't going to sign her up for gymnastics this year - last year she had kind of a rough time following directions and focusing on things, so I was just going to let it slide and figured she was doing enough with dance.  But when springtime rolled around, she started asking about gymnastics so it was back to GymWorld for us!  They do a great job there - I really like the spring session that we do.  It runs from late April to late June, so it kind of fits in nicely with her other activites.

She did much better this time around - she really seemed to listen and enjoyed doing all of the little moves for the coaches.  I'm not sure if we'll sign up for it again next year - only because I'm hoping she will be getting more into dance and possibly getting into competitions, so other things might have to slide.  We will see though!  Here's her big ta-da!

I took a video of their final routine - but my phone was running out of space and cut off so it's not the whole thing!  I'm really not sure why they had them dance to Sweet Home Alabama, but I guess it works!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Outfit of the Day - I don't always wear stripes

I have a new coworker.  She's only been in the building a few weeks, but the other day she asked me, "Do you always wear stripes?"  Because apparently owning 4 striped dresses, 3 striped skirts, and 2 striped tops means that you get a reputation for wearing stripes.

So I made a point of wearing a non-striped outfit, just for her.  I don't think I've shown this dress yet - it's nothing special, but I really love it.  It's perfect for in the summer - nice and light and comfy, but easy to layer in the winter.  I got it in the spring from Old Navy and loved it so much that I ordered it in two other colours, but because Old Navy is stupid the other colours didn't fit right and looked dumb.  So I only have it in grey.

Anyway - the dress is cute and plain, but I added this new belt to it, just so I could have a little hint of stripes happening!  I found the belt the other day on clearance for $4.99!  I like to wrap the end of my belt around in a loop so it makes a little bow.

So there, a day without stripes.  And no polka dots either!  It was a boring day.

Belt - Smart Set
Sandals - Target

Monday, 7 July 2014

Treats of the Week - The Universe Provides

On Friday, an old friend from high school posted that he was looking for a replacement cell phone charger.  Being the kind person that I am, I offered to mail him mine since I had the kind he was looking for and no longer needed it.  As I was at the post office getting the package measured and weighed, the woman at the counter asked me why I was mailing a cell phone charger and I explained it to her.  "Wow, that's so nice of you!  He really owes you one!" I told her that it was just my good deed for the day, and that the universe would send it back to me.

The universe totally sent it back to me.

The next day Jenn and I were out for a random adventure, just taking things as they came and going with the flow.  The universe directed our entire evening and it was awesome!  I totally wish I could blog about the entire evening in detail here, but to protect the innocent parties I'll just hit the highlights!
  • We hit up Sunfest (like everyone else did, apparently) and got our yummy, yummy eats.

  • While we chilled on the grass, we became obsessed with watching this vehicle trying to parallel park into a teeny tiny spot.  I'd watched other people attempt it and fail, but this guy was determined.  He had a spotter out guiding him, but it was the most stunning display of parking aptitude I had ever seen.  When the family piled out of the vehicle, we stood there and willed them to walk by us.  When they actually did (thank you, universe!) we had to stop them and applaud their efforts.  It was amazing.

  • After leaving Sunfest we got a random tip that a band Jenn knew was playing at the Blackshire, so we decided to head down there.  After scoring a parking spot directly in front of the bar (in downtown London, at like 10pm - unheard of!) I looked to my left and saw that none other than Batman was out in front of the bar.  Yes, universe.  We are supposed to be here.  It was a whole Superhero evening - amazing.

  • Jenn even got called up for some trivia and won a "Spiderman on a stick" which proved to be quite the conversation piece.

Yes, the universe was good to us that night.  

In other news this week...

  • I saw a girl at Target wearing acid washed jeans and a Kurt Cobain t-shirt.  I kind of wanted to hug her.
  • This gif was making me giggle like crazy at my desk at work - I can't stop watching it.

  • Amanda and I took the kids out yesterday to hang out at the pool in Strathroy.  We spent an awesome time having a picnic, swimming in the pool and hanging out in the park.  The kids even got to ride the train - it was an awesome summer afternoon.

Do your good deeds, people!  The universe will thank you!