Tuesday, 24 June 2014

You Can Say No

I'm an accommodating person.  I think it's one of my better qualities - I'm always concerned about other people, and want to make other people feel comfortable.  Sometimes it's to my own detriment, but I think on the whole other people appreciate it.  What can I say - I'm forever the oldest child looking out for everyone else.

Because of this lovely little personality trait, I hate asking for help.  I don't like people to feel like they have to say yes to something if they don't actually want to.  To get around this, I've come up with a very simple solution that allows me to ask people things, but also gives them an out.

Are you ready?  It's pretty simple.

When I ask someone something - even if it's something simple - I'll follow it up with "You can say no."  It sounds weird, but it totally works.  See, most of the time I have no preference on things anyway.  I'm pretty happy to go with the flow.  And I want people to know that.  It is kind of crazy seeing how people will react to it.  Even in simple situations, it works.

Go ahead - give it a try sometime.  Or don't, you can say no.

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