Thursday, 19 June 2014

Very Vivian - Dance Recital Take 2

 Last weekend Vivian and Blair had their dance recital with Andrea's Dance Studio.  I kid you not, this studio is amazing.  The dance recital that Vivian was in with her other studio in May was great, really.  But this was a cut above.  I can't wait to get my hands on a DVD to rewatch some of those routines - there are some insanely talented kids there!

Of course the cutest two were Vivian and Blair - who were oh so excited to be dressed up in their costumes.  This time around Vivian had two routines - tap and jazz.  Of course that wasn't enough and she spent a lot of time wondering where her hip hop shoes were because she thought she should also be included in that.

It was so hard to get pictures of them because they couldn't stand still!  Those tap shoes are just too damn tempting.

 After their "Monkey See, Monkey Do" tap routine it was time for "It's a Small World".  Vivian was repping France for the routine and we lucked out into borrowing the perfect costume for it.  The sparkly beret killed me - I couldn't believe she left it on her head, but she just loved it.  Blair was American?  Western?  It was a little vague, but cute.  Vivian and Blair decided that she was "a cowboy girl", so that works.

 Now that we're through with this season of dance it's pretty clear that we're going to be in it for the long haul.  Vivian just loves to dance - she loves that stage.  I think next season we'll probably focus on just Andrea's Dance Studio and possibly get her dancing a couple of times a week so that she might be ready for competitions before too long.  The dream scenario is that Vivian and Blair will be able to do competitive routines together soon - I might just die from the cuteness if that happens!

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