Monday, 2 June 2014

Treats of the Week - Cool Kids and Taco Bell

 It's been a lovely week - I hope yours has been as well!
  • I got invited to lunch with the self-described "cool kids" at work.  I'm not sure how cool they actually are, but it was nice to come along for some sushi!
  • I finally decided to wear a dress that had been languishing in my closet since last summer.  One of three dresses that I bought for a wedding last summer, I hadn't even taken the tags off.  I thought it might be a little dressy for work, but it felt so nice to wear it finally and I got so many compliments!  Hooray!
  • I had a crazy Taco Bell experience (aren't they all?) where I was waiting in the drive-thru line forever while the staff were running around trying to decide if they were closing or not.  In the midst of the chaos I made eye contact with another befuddled customer waiting at the front counter where we exchanged shrugs and expressions of confusion.  Always so fun and bizarre having little exchanges like that.
  • Driving home when a summer storm is imminent and making it into the house before the rain starts.
  • Going to the drive-in for the first time this summer - A Million Ways to Die in the West was made all the more fun by being able to breathe in the night air.
  • Mom and I took the kids to the beach on Sunday and they had a blast, even though the water is still far too cold for my tastes.

  • I actually have a bit of a tan already - unheard of.  My pasty skin barely knows what to do with itself.
  • Meals on a patio will never stop being enjoyable on a warm night.
  • I finished the most wonderful book - Love, Dishonour, Marry, Die, Cherish, Perish by David Rakoff.  If you have some time, do yourself a favour and read this one.  It's a quick read and definitely worthwhile.

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