Monday, 30 June 2014

Treats of the Week - Non-Long Weekend

Well this is pretty much the worst Monday ever, isn't it?  Got through a lovely weekend, then back to work today and off again tomorrow.  I wish I could have taken today off and made a nice little 4-day weekend out of it, but such is life.  I'm definitely looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow though!

  • I finally bought a new bathing suit for myself and miraculously I only had to try on 3 and ended up buying the first one I tried!  Hooray for Target!
  • What made it even easier to pick out the bathing suit was taking pictures in the dressing room to text to Jenn for her opinion - ah technology.
  • I read a lot of Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys books when I was younger (before I graduated to Agatha Christie) and I hope one day Vivian will spend some lazy summer days reading them too.  I found these new editions at Target - I thought the covers were so pretty!  I love that they're the same stories though.

  • I saw the movie Belle this week at the Hyland and it was really great.  It was a pretty remarkable true story, and a trip to the Hyland is always my idea of a good time.  I also finally caved and bought my membership to the Hyland, so I'll be there lots this summer!
  • I tried making an iced coffee with my Keurig and it turned out very tasty!
  • Mom and I took the kids to see How to Train Your Dragon 2 on Sunday.  Before the movie started there was some commercial for Aveeno or something with Jennifer Aniston.  Vivian saw her on screen and said, "Hey, that's mommy!"  She earned her M&Ms for that movie.
  • After one too many fights about brushing her hair or trying to put a ponytail in her hair, Vivian finally got her hair cut off again.  It's way too hot for her to have any more hair than this - hopefully in the fall she can deal with wearing a ponytail once in awhile!

  • I was in need of a new falling asleep show on Netflix so I started randomly watching Accidentally on Purpose, some short-lived sitcom with Jenna Elfman.  I think it's only 18 episodes, and it's pretty ridiculous, but I'm actually rather enjoying it.  Perfect to have on in the background.
  • Quesadilla flavoured chips are a thing - a delicious thing.  They're mostly cheesy, and a little bit spicy.  Almost too spicy for a wimp like me, but I can deal.

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