Friday, 9 May 2014

Very Vivian - The Dancing Bee

Last weekend marked Vivian's dancing debut with her very first dance recital.  She's been working hard all year and was super pumped for the final show!  First she got her hair done by Grandma - she looked so nice with her hair all done instead of looking like her usual raggamuffin self.

 Once at the show she didn't have a moment's hesitation.  She was quite happy to be dropped off in the waiting area with the dance helpers while the rest of us went to watch the show.  She looked so happy and excited to be up on the stage - she really does seem to love it.  Sure, her dancing might have been more in her own style than what the other kids were doing.  And of course she was the one kid who fell when they all held hands to go in a circle.  And yes, she was the kid who got distracted and was looking at the lights instead of paying attention to the crowd.  But she was my little star.  I get so proud when I see her on stage - it's such a strange feeling!

 After her turn she did well to sit and wait and watch all the other acts.  Then once she got wind that there were flowers involved we had to make a stop at the booth.

First she asked nicely.

The she got a little impatient.

The she happily and graciously accepted her roses.

It was so great to watch her dance, and she has another recital coming up in June with her other dance company.  She's a busy girl - hopefully it will be dance competitions before too long!

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JennM said...

Oh Ashley. She is beautiful. It's a no wonder that you are a proud mama:)