Monday, 19 May 2014

Treats of the Week - Long Weekend

It's hard to believe that we've finally made it to the May 2-4 weekend!  It's been a busy and treat-filled week fo sho.

  • I finally got around to recovering my gossip bench - it looks so much nicer with this vintage sheet fabric on it!

  • I went to see Godzilla - which was pretty much amazing.
  • So excited to see Trudy pop up in Mad Men this week!  Trudy 4 lyfe.
  • I got my yard work done this weekend - which isn't exactly a treat, but it look so much better when it's done, and is especially nice to have good weather for getting stuff done.
  • I rewatched Her on the weekend as well - still one of my favourite recent movies.
  • Being full of delicious sushi.
  • I've been hit hard with the spring cleaning/purging bug. Is there anything more satisfying than getting rid of piles of excess crap?
  • We took the kids to Greenview Aviaries today and it went about as well as can be expected with the group of kids we had.  Vivian had a blast until it was time to leave when she ended up having a meltdown for most of the drive home.  

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