Thursday, 8 May 2014

Easter Monday Antiquing

On Easter Monday I had the chance to spend the day wandering from antique shop to antique shop, just for the sake of wandering.  Delightful, right?  Of course I took pictures along the way to share here with you guys.  I didn't end up taking too much home, but I found so many good things!  Someone please feel free to sponsor my next antiques outing, it would make it go much better.

Starting at the Strathroy Antique Mall...

I want a new kitchen table, but can't decide on what I want.  I keep considering an old school chrome dinette table, but then I worry about Vivian getting paint on it or something.  I loved these two sets...

Barn lights galore - I didn't check the prices though.

There's one booth that I've mentioned before that has these amazing old war posters.  They had a bunch of different ones this time that are unbelievable.  They're around $200 each, otherwise I would buy them all.

I have a red version of this chair, and there's a green one just like this hiding in a back room at my work that I would love to take home with me.  They had a pair of them here for like $175 for the pair I think?

I thought these old animal prints would be cool in a kids room.

I mean, come on.  This jacket is adorbs.

I loved this chair and ottoman set like whoa.  It was in pristine condition and is just ugly enough for me to love it.  I think it was $175.

Then it was on to Memory Lane Antiques in London - the hoity-toity antiques.  This was purely a fun wander, no way I could buy stuff there.  There was so much amazing MCM stuff there, I about died and went to heaven.  Then I saw the prices and died again.

Ugh, campaign desk.  It was so awesome - and like $500.

I just loved how this whole set up could basically be a waiting room in Mad Men.

THIS COUCH.  I fell hard for this couch.  It was the perfect couch - the perfect lines, the perfect size, the perfect colour.  But it was $2500.  Goodbye beautiful, beautiful couch.

Have you ever seen a cooler rocking chair in your entire life?  I don't even like rocking chairs, but I would live in this.  $1600.

Just - ugh.  I want to live here.

This credenza was insanely long.  Like at least 12 feet.

After dragging myself out of Memory Lane it was time to hit up the Brydges Street Antique Market.

I loved this teeny-tiny table.  The best part was that both of the sides flip down and it's on casters.  Between those fun features and the fact that there's a lower shelf on there, it would make the perfect little bar cart for $85.

This just made me laugh - these "vintage" glasses are actually from IKEA.  Vintage fail.

This also made me laugh.  I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but it was a mirror that had the word "Reflect" on it, which just made me want to yell, "No, YOU reflect, mirror!  That's your job, not mine!"  Because yelling at inanimate objects is completely normal.

So what did I end up taking home from my grand antiquing adventure?  Well, I just had to bring home this brass dinosaur so he could hang out with my brass unicorn.  At $18 I almost didn't get him, but I'm so glad I did.  

I also found this decorative plate of the Middlesex County Court House, my favourite building in London.  It was $3.

I even broke my book-buying ban to pick this up.  I love the Pop Culture and Philosophy series from Open Court Publishing, and didn't have this one so for $5 I had to get it.  Otherwise I'm doing very well at not buying books though, I promise!

Sigh, so many pretty things, so little money in the bank.  Seriously - someone sponsor my next trip and it will be a whole lot more fun!

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