Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Accidental Collections

It all started with this little Florida tray that I got in high school  It has served me well over the years - holding keys, spare change, jewellery, whatever little odds and ends might be around usually end up in this tray.

Then one day I came across this little Nashville one.  The graphics were pretty, and since Florida had served me so well, I grabbed it.  Vivian quickly claimed it as her own, and is now often holding her little plastic bracelets or something.

My big, beautiful Vegas tray has found a home in the kitchen...

And my hand-painted Atlantic City one might just have to join it.  Because obviously.

Then there's the Halifax tray that I got for my "Wall O' Canadiana" that I swear will come together one day.

And then last week I found this Niagara Falls one that obviously had to come home with me.

So it seems I have accidentally started a collection of travel trays.  I didn't really intend on it, but I think sometimes those are the best collections - the ones that happen all on their own.  Had I gone out looking specifically for souvenir travel trays then I probably would have never found any of these.  Now to find a place for all of them...

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