Friday, 4 April 2014

Very Vivian - Skating Star

You know how performance events go with little kids.  When they're Vivian age, for the most part they just kind of wander around in some vague formation and you clap and cheer just because they are out there in front of people.  Sure there's a few kids who are excelling, but for the most part they're just kind of there.  Then there's usually that one kid.  They probably aren't the fastest or the best, but something about them kind of steals the show.

I don't want to sound biased, but I'm pretty sure that Vivian was that kid at her skating carnival.

That's her skating picture from this year.  That's the kid who said she didn't want to go skating before most of the sessions.  The kid who flopped around on the ice and complained that her feet hurt and her stomach hurt and a million other things.  But put a costume on her and a camera in front of her face and she turns into a superstar.  Ridiculous.

So on the night of the carnival, Vivian was pumped.  She loved her costume, she was ready to go.  I sent her out on the ice to wait behind the curtain with the other kids and stood back.  I wasn't sure what to expect - all I was hoping for was that she would skate out a bit and not freak out.  It can be scary - it's dark, there's a bunch of people in there, and the instructors don't go out with them so they're all on their own.  Sure enough, the kids come shuffling out and there's Vivian just trucking along.  She was close to the back of the pack, and spotted me on the sidelines.  I got a big wave and she started trying to skate a little bit faster.  Then it happened - she fell.  Not unexpected, but she was the first kid in the group to fall.  She laid there for a moment, possible considering her options.  Then her little Bambi legs started to flail around and she got up all by herself.  The crowd burst into cheers.  My mom started wolf whistling.  Vivian was up and skating around again, triumphant.  Then she fell again.  Got up again.  Then the kids started to head back to the curtain and she fell.  Hard.  She fell backwards and her little minion hood fell off of her helmet.  She got herself back up and comically grabbed at her helmet to see if her minion hood was still there.  Realizing it was missing, she grabbed it off the ice and slammed it back down onto her helmet and kept on skating.  It was something that would have only happened to Vivian and it was hilarious.  I was laughing so hard I was crying.  I think she fell again, and at that point an instructor had to come out to scoop her up and help her get off the ice.  She was crying when I went to get her, she was pretty mad about her minion head falling off.  (Clearly, it was my fault.)

She went out there, and she did it.  And I couldn't be more proud.  Or more pleased that I ordered a DVD of the whole thing.


Stacey said...

I heard from a few people that she was the star of the show! Way to go Vivian!!

Sylvia Lewis-Havard said...

I remember a skating show when I was a little kid, I had NO IDEA that there was a 'show' all I remember was we kept practicing the same routing over and over again at all the lessons and I didn't really know why.

then we had what seemed to me like a skating practice but it was at the wrong time, and someone else's mom drove me there. and when we got there, there were a LOT of people, and then we were all paraded onto the ice.

I really clearly remember I didn't know what we were supposed to be doing and i was a bit concerned because our instructor didn't come out with us. But I realized pretty quickly that we were doing the same damn routine again.

I'm pretty sure I was the kid at the back that was just blindly following along.

good for V for getting out there!!


ps the people across the cube from me just said "oh listen to Sylvia working so hard over there... LOL.