Monday, 14 April 2014

Treats of the Week - My First Trip to Kingsmills

Kingsmills has been a London institution since 1865, and yet I'd never set foot in it until this past Friday.  I figured it was as good a time as any, since it's liquidating and will be closing soon.  I wasn't sure that I would find anything special to buy to say "that's what I got at Kingsmills" but I ended up finding a Fiesta ware large disc pitcher in cobalt blue.  I've always wanted one of their pitchers, and with this being the last one they had, and it being marked at 50% off, I couldn't leave without it!

Here's the rest of this week's treats!

  • Jenn and I went to see the Suicide Girls Blackhearts Burlesque show on Thursday and it was so much fun!  I'm planning on doing a more detailed post about it later, but I would definitely go again!
  • I went shopping in the States yesterday with my friend Amanda and it was so nice to just be out in the nice weather and spend too much money on Easter stuff!  Plus, Olive Garden.
  • I had a very special delivery today of a trampoline for Vivian (shhh, the Easter Bunny will be surprising her) and my purse, which I had stupidly forgotten at my mom's this weekend.  I'm so lucky to have good people to help me out!
  • Vivian had an orientation day at her new school this week - but her favourite part was getting to hang out with her buddy, Lily.
  • I actually made it out to Graphic Novel Group on Saturday for the first time in forever (dammit, those Frozen songs are infiltrating my thoughts) and it was so nice to get out and see everyone again!
  • Watching TV in bed - always worth mentioning as a treat.

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