Monday, 21 April 2014

Treats of the Week - Easter Monday

Nearly forgot it was Monday today!

  • I love Easter weekend, mostly because of the 4-day weekend it grants me.  It's such a nice holiday because I usually have minimal family commitments, and lots of time off work so I usually end up with some decent downtime.  This year my mom took Vivian for a sleepover so I ended up with an entire day off for real.  It was great - I should have spent it doing yard work but instead spent a lovely day wandering around antique shops.  Heaven.
  • As much as I love my TV shows, I do love it when they start to wrap up.  Hooray for the start of spring finale season!
  • I can't even say enough nice things about the weather this weekend.  I think I actually forgot what it feels like to have the sun on your skin.  It was so nice to just sit outside and feel warm for once.  
  • To go along with the nice weather, I got some new sandals.  Hopefully the weather stays warm enough that I can continue to wear them instead of being forced to go back to tights/socks.
  • Game of Thrones has been ON FIRE with this season.  Each episode has been just rock-solid and ridiculously awesome.
  • See also - the return of Mad Men.  I can't believe it's the beginning of the end, but I'm so glad to be along for the ride.
  • Vivian was thoroughly spoiled for Easter, but it was a great time.  I go a little overboard at Easter since it's such a long time until her birthday.

  • Mini peanut butter cups.  They don't count when they're mini-sized, right?

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