Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Burlesque, Boudoir and Body Image

Last week, Jenn and I had our adventure to see the Suicide Girls Blackhearts Burlesque show.  It proved to be quite the experience.

Hottest ones there, obvi.
Was it a super-polished performance?  No.  Was there a giant champagne glass involved?  Sadly, no.  But it was just a really fun and interesting night.

The Big Lebowski tribute

Bikini-clad Stormtroopers, of course.

What stood out to me the most was how the whole evening just had this really cool vibe to it.  The acts were very tongue in cheek.  It was all very geek-based, which I appreciated.  Kill Bill, Legend of Zelda, Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Fifth Element - there were shoutouts and nods to pop culture icons all over the place.  I mean, they did the Time Warp and Thriller.  Doesn't get much better than that.  The whole night had a real sense of joy to it, and that came down entirely to those girls on stage.

They were so inspiring.  Their bodies were great, but not perfect.  There were absolutely some dimples in places.  But do you think any of them gave a shit if there was some cellulite or if their belly jiggled a bit?  Hell no.  They were the picture of confidence, completely owning the room.

Time Warp

The Fifth Element

Planet of the Apes


It was so much fun, and it actually made me get around to blogging about something that I've been kind of putting off for quite some time.  Last year I actually had some boudoir pictures done.  It was a bit of a whim - a friend of mine who is a photographer was looking for volunteers to do boudoir sessions so she could hone her skills.  I thought it sounded fun and needed a bit of a boost at the time so I signed up.  Before I had any time to stress about feeling out of shape or like I shouldn't be doing it, I was sitting in Wendy's studio getting my hair and makeup done.  Wendy does amazing work - she eased me into things by starting out with more of a glamour shoot before things turned to boudoir.  Nothing too crazy - just in a bra and underwear, which really isn't any different than being in a bathing suit.  Wendy made me feel so freaking confident the whole time though - I didn't worry about how I looked, it just rolled with it.  Wendy assured me the whole time that I looked amazing and you know what?  By the end of the session I completely believed her.  And when I got the pictures back, I agreed with her.  I guess sometimes you really do need to let yourself go and embrace your most confident self.  While I don't think I'm cut out for burlesque (hello lack of coordination) I would 100 percent have Wendy do more boudoir pictures for me.  Everybody needs a little confidence boost now and then!

If you want to have an amazing time getting boudoir pictures done too, you can find Wendy's website here.

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