Thursday, 6 March 2014

The social wasteland that is the food court

I think everyone has some situations where a little social anxiety creeps in.  I don't like going to unfamiliar variety stores/gas stations/grocery stores.  It stresses me out not knowing where things are - I prefer to stick to my usual locations and not branch out from there.  Then there's eating alone in public.  I have often eaten something in my car because I don't like eating alone in public.  Again, I think it's a pretty common anxiety.

You know where it doesn't bother me to eat alone though?

The food court.

One day, Jenn and I slipped over to the food court to get some snacks to smuggle into a movie.  As we stood there, shoving paper bags of tacos into our purses we commented on how anything goes in a food court.  You can eat by yourself and it's not weird.  You can order bizarre combinations of food and no one cares.  Poutine and sushi?  Totally do-able in the food court.  People will set up camp to study or just kill time and no one bats an eye.  It's a magical, wonderful wasteland of social rules.

Furthermore, if you're to believe Mallrats (and really, why would you doubt anything that happens in that movie?) it's also totally acceptable to carry around a Dixie cup to be refilled with Coke, no ice.

Nothing cuter than the young Jason Lee.

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Micaela said...

So true! Love the food court.