Thursday, 13 March 2014

Seeing the mess clearly

Vivian has a pretty hardcore Kinder egg addiction.  The kid is crazy for them.  She likes the chocolate, but she loves the toys.  And she's at the point now where she is remembering all the different ones that she has instead of immediately discarding them.  The other day she opened one and upon seeing the toy and looking at the little flyer declared, "I only need one more!"  Having all these little toys sitting around was turning into a bit of a disaster, so after Christmas I got this storage tower to help organize things.

It helped, but then I just ended up with a bunch of drawers that looked like this.

Not really helping anything.

Then one day I was at the Superstore and found these clear plastic pencil cases.  I liked that they were different sizes and it was a pack of 4 for $1, so I really couldn't go wrong.  I grabbed all the ones I could find and ended up with a dozen different sized clear pouches.

Now it's easy to have different pouches for different categories - jewellery, dolphins, small lego pieces, miniature ponies, etc.  So instead of digging through a whole drawer of stuff when she starts freaking out that she can't find her tiny lion, I can now just go for the pouch with the tiny animals in it.

They still get dumped out all over the coffee table, but I don't think there's any avoiding that.

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