Thursday, 20 March 2014

I just want to get in the door.

Having a kid changes everything, in good and bad ways.  Once upon a time, I was able to come home from work, walk in the door, take off my coat, and sit down.

Things are a little different these days.

I pull into the laneway, and already Vivian is asking for something to eat.  Get her unbuckled, grab the 7000 bags that seem to be sitting in my car and need to go in the house, shuffle through the door.  Start yelling, "Boots and coat!  Boots and coat!  Boots and coat!" before Vivian tramples through the kitchen in wet boots.  Stuff gets dumped on the floor.  Cats are going crazy because they haven't eaten in 6 hours and are clearly starving to death.  Now Vivian is starving to death and instead of going to the cupboard to get a granola bar or something, she's asking for crackers and Nutella.  Again.  I tell her to just let me get in the door.  She changes her tune and now wants to paint, then play with Play-Doh, then watch cartoons.  I try to open the door to check the mail, and a cat runs outside nearly tripping me.  Vivian is now dragging the crackers and Nutella out of the cupboard and dragging a chair over to the counter.  "I do it myself, Mommy!"  I hear a cutlery drawer opening - bad news.  All of this, and I'm still running around the house in my coat.

Kids don't make anything simple.

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