Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Very Vivian - Growing Pains

All of a sudden, Vivian seems very grown up.

She has plenty of ideas about what she does and does not like.

Her language has come to the point that we can have conversations and she can tell me about things that happened to her throughout the day.

She can help out more and more around the house.  Right now she loves helping me make my coffee in the morning.

And she's just plain growing.

She's always seemed kind of tiny, but now her feet seem huge.  There's an inch gap where her pants can't quite cover her ankles anymore.  Shirts that once needed the sleeves rolled up now fit perfectly.

Yes, Vivian is in the middle of a major growth spurt.

Growth spurts are funny with kids.  The other day she fell asleep on the couch from 3:30-5:30 and I thought we were going to have a terribly late night.  Instead she was asking to go back to bed at 8:15.  She's tired, and whiny, and hungry.  Even though she needs so much more sleep she's been waking up through the night crying because her legs hurt, or just waking up because she needs a snack.  It hasn't been uncommon for her to go to bed with a snack and then wake up two or three times through the night looking for something else.  And that's after eating a good dinner.  She's finally starting to eat meals and now I can't feed her enough!

Looks like this sleepy face will be getting an all-new spring wardrobe at this rate!

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