Friday, 21 February 2014

Very Vivian - For girls and for boys

I like to think that we have really tried to introduce Vivian to things that are outside of the typical "girl toy" bubble.  While she certainly has more than enough princesses/Barbies/My Little Ponies/etc, she also has lots of cars/superheros/gender neutral stuff.  She definitely has some girly interests, but I've always been quite proud that she will do things like pair a Spiderman shirt with a tutu.  I just want her to grow up thinking that she always has an option, that there isn't anything that isn't for her.

Then the other day, while walking through the toy section at the grocery store, she said it.

"Those are boy toys."

I'm not going to lie, my heart broke a little bit.  I'm sure it's just something that she's heard at daycare, but I hated hearing that she was dismissing an entire aisle of stuff because she thought it was for boys, and therefore not for her.

I tried to explain that toys are for kids.  Boys can play with whatever they want, and girls can play with whatever they want.  She listened, but I don't know how much sunk in.

I hope as she gets bigger she will continue to pursue things that interest her because they're interesting - not because she's trying to fit in someone else's mold.  It's just hard seeing those societal pressures starting when she's still so little!

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