Monday, 3 February 2014

Treats of the Weekend - Groundhogs are arbitrary

So apparently Wiarton Willie saw his shadow, which means six more weeks of this icy, icy hell.  If only he hadn't seen his shadow and we could look forward to an early know, in mid-March, which is six weeks away.  I don't know why we bother with Groundhog Day anymore.  Any real Canadian knows that the first true sign of spring is when Rrroll up the Rim to Win begins!

  • I drove by a school the other day where there was some construction going on.  Putting an addition on the school or something.  There was, of course, a big chain link fence around the construction site that butted up to the kids school yard.  There, at the fence, were about six little faces pressed right up to the fence watching a backhoe dig away.  It was adorable.
  • The Forever 21 at Masonville Mall is finally carrying their plus sized line!  As someone who can't even manage to cram their fat feet into a pair of sandals there (seriously, they cut off sizes at 9) I am very happy to be able to find the occasional item there.
  • Vivian's dad and his band were featured in the London Free Press recently.  You can see it here.  My mom saved a copy of it from the newspaper for Vivian to see when she's older.  We showed it to her, but she initially didn't seem too impressed.  Then when two of mom's kids came home from a visit she grabbed the newspaper and ran up to them both to show them.  Once she was satisfied that everyone had seen it she brought it back to me and said, "My showed everybody."  She was quite proud.
  • I went to see Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure on Friday night with some most excellent companions.  The movie is entirely ridiculous, but in a very fun way.  I always enjoy watching old movies on the big screen, there's just something awesome about watching a movie with a bunch of people who already love the movie.  The funniest part came when Jenn and I were both hit with the sudden realization that PUDDING USED TO COME IN ALUMINUM CUPS.  I looked for a screencap, but couldn't find one with pudding.  Here's an old ad though.  Seriously, it blew both of our minds, we had completely forgotten about that ever being a thing, and found it so funny that we both realized it at the same time.

  • We went to see Disney on Ice on Sunday, and Vivian had an awesome time.  She sat so well through the whole thing, she's at a really good age to do stuff like that.  She cried when we had to leave though, she wanted to stay with Stitch.  Which is weird, because she has never even seen Lilo and Stitch.  In any event, even though we were gouged HARD by the concessions booth ($26 for a popcorn and a sno-cone!) she had a great time, and that's what really matters.
  • I finally got my dishwasher fixed and my bathroom exhaust fan fixed.  Just little fixes, but it's so nice to have those crossed off the list!  

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