Monday, 17 February 2014

Treats of the Week - Happy Family Day

What did we ever do before Family Day?  It's so nice to have a long weekend in the middle of that brutal stretch between Christmas Holidays and Easter, especially in a year like this where Easter is super late.  I quite enjoyed my holiday Monday - I haven't even gotten out of my pajamas yet.  Hope you had a great holiday too!

  • In hopes of kickstarting some spring cleaning around here, I took a bunch of DVDs to The Beat Goes On this week to see about selling them.  It took less than an hour, and $60 bucks later I was quite happy with the exchange!  I'll definitely try them again in the future.
  • Those special heart shaped donuts at Tim Hortons were damned delicious.  Now if only they would bring back those tasty chocolate/cherry ones they hada  few years ago.
  • I love seeing random guys walking down the street holding a bouquet of flowers any day, but on Valentine's Day it especially makes me smile.
  • Vivian and her dad got crafty this week and came by my work for a visit and brought me an awesome heart painting for Valentine's Day.  It's now hanging up in the kitchen with one of her other fine canvases.

  • My Valentine's Day consisted of a fancy burger from Union Burger, poutine, and Magic Mike on Blu-Ray.  More than adequate.
  • I actually went out on Saturday night!  I ended up just working at a dance instead of drinking, but it was still fun to be out of the house and get to see people!
  • I spent Sunday visiting people - first to my friend Amanda's so the kids could hang out and play, then to my mom's for some pizza, then finally to my sister's.  Vivian and Blair had a blast playing together, and when I told Vivian it was time to leave, she grabbed her blanket and climbed into Blair's bed with her and announced she would be sleeping "right here".  They're due for a slumber party soon!

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