Monday, 24 February 2014

Treats of the Week - Golden Week

Everyone seems to have hit their limit.  It seems like as soon as the Olympics ended any small bit of fun that was still left in winter has gone, because I swear I've heard five or more people today say "I'm so done with winter."  People seem to be counting down the number of hockey practices left and looking forward to some solid spring cleaning.  I can't recall ever looking forward to lousy Smarch weather as much as I am looking forward to it now!  

  • It was truly awesome to watch both the men's and women's Team Canada take home the gold in hockey.  I must admit that I didn't watch as much of the Olympics this year as I have in the past, but I'm so proud of our athletes.
  • I've been recording The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and it's been nice to have the episodes to throw on in the background when I just need something to listen to.  I love Jimmy Fallon (who doesn't?) and his first week was hysterical!  Can't wait to see how Seth Meyers does tonight too!
  • With the Olympics taking up so much programming time, I've actually managed to burn through some of the stuff that was bogging down my PVR.  I made it through all of Hostages, which wasn't the greatest show ever but I did feel very accomplished having watched it all!
  • So Tim Hortons has a pretzel bagel now, which they serve with a mustard butter.  I may have squealed a little bit in the drive thru.
  • Homemade fajita night.
  • I had my book club this past week and it was so good to see everyone!  I haven't been able to make it to the last few meetings, so it was awesome to get out and have a really good discussion about the book with some really great people.  We also had our meeting at Forrat's in Byron, and any time that you can combine chocolate and coffee and booze it's a good time.
  • Vivian actually wanted her hair in a ponytail and pigtails this weekend!  She never wants anything done to her hair - maybe we're turning a corner!

  • We celebrated my sister's birthday yesterday, and today Vivian kept asking to go play with her cousin Blair and her Aunt Courtney.  I think we need to have a slumber party with Blair soon!
  • I watched Nebraska on the weekend, which means I only have 2 more movies to go before I've seen all the best picture nominees!

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