Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Sleeping Shows

I'm a longstanding fan of falling asleep to the TV.  When I was in high school, I would drift off to VHS movies on my little 13 inch TV.  When I was in university I upgraded to DVDs of Friends and Sex and the City.  Now that I have Netflix, it's a whole new world of sleeping shows.

The usual bedtime view, complete with cat.

So far I've worked my way through How I Met Your Mother, Happy Endings, Community (a few times now), Undeclared, and now I'm working on Archer.  I feel like I need some more options for when I run out of episodes of Archer though.  I was trying to get through NewsRadio, but then stupid Netflix decided to take the series out of rotation.

I have some pretty strict rules about my sleeping shows though.  Ideally, they're half hour comedies.  I don't want to get too involved in a show - I want to be able to just zone out and drift off to sleep.  If it's an hour long show, then either I miss too much of an episode by falling asleep too quickly, or else I end up getting into it and then stay up way too late.  Half hour comedies give me the chance to get invested in one episode and then usually doze off in the second.  The show should be funny, but not too funny.  I've tried falling asleep to Seinfeld before, but I usually end up chuckling instead of sleeping.  I'm finding this problem with Archer - I don't want to fall asleep!  It also probably shouldn't be British.  As much as I love British TV, I sometimes find the accents too hard to follow if I'm too tired.

So I'm thinking next it might be My Name is Earl, or Mad About You.  Clearly this is an important decision though, and I don't want to rush it so I thought I would throw it out to my fellow sleepy TV viewers to see what you prefer for falling asleep.  I'm considering a rewatch of Friends for old time's sake, but I don't know if I can handle switching DVDs again, Netflix has spoiled me!

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