Thursday, 20 February 2014

Outfit of the Day - Casual Thursday

Things at work have been super busy lately.  Long story short, I don't get to wear jeans every Friday anymore.  Boo.  I swear, I can only manage looking like a grown-up for four days in a row before I need to dress down, so losing the casual Friday is hurting.  As a result, I've been trying to make my grown-up clothes a little bit lazier.  

If you ask me, anything paired with tights and a black skirt instantly becomes fancier.  Therefore, this.

I just couldn't spend another day in a dressy top, so I just threw on my vintage Kennedy Space Center shirt (which is one of my favourite thrifting finds ever) with a cardigan/skirt/tights deal.  I wore leopard pants to make it even more fancy - don't look at the sloppy, ridiculously comfortable T-shirt, everyone!  Focus on the fancy parts!

I tried tucking it in to dress it up a little bit more, but I didn't think it was working.

Whatever, the cardigan helped.

Sigh, I miss my jeans.

Shirt - Thrifted from Talize
Cardigan - Walmart
Skirt - Maurices
Tights - Joe Fresh
Shoes - Target

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