Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Very Vivian - Just leave me alone

One of the biggest issues that we've had to deal with when it comes to Vivian are her tantrums.  She used to throw terrible tantrums that would last nearly an hour of kicking, screaming, hiding under the bed, just being completely inconsolable.  As she got a bit older and her vocabulary increased, things definitely got better.  Then this past weekend she started doing something a little bit different.

She was in a bad mood.  She even said, "I'm cranky."  Fair enough, we all get cranky sometimes.  It's the holidays, it can be a tough time for everyone.  There's different expectations, schedules are thrown off, there's more sugar getting into her system - just a recipe for disaster.  So she got home and was cranky.  So she marched down the hall and said she wanted to go to her bed.  I asked if she wanted to lay down and have a rest, but instead she covered herself up with her blanket (which is a huge source of comfort to her) and said, "Just leave me alone."

She's the lump under that green blanket there.

Now, as hard as it can be as a parent to think that your kid doesn't want you around, I was really pleased to hear her say that.  She recognized that she needed a little break to reset and calm herself down, so she did it.  She just laid it bed for a bit and then she was fine.  She actually did it a couple of times in one day - the second time she needed me to come in after a little while to rub her back and hug her to get her through it, but then she was fine.  No tears, no yelling, no tantrum.  Just leave me alone.

This is huge for her - I'm so glad that she's able to control herself a bit more and figure out what works best for her.  And I totally get it - we all need to hide under a blanket sometimes.  I'll probably be regretting saying this when she's 16 and locking herself in her room though.

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