Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Very Vivian - Almost time for school!

If I remember correctly, September 2004 was my last back to school.  September 2014, however, will be Vivian's very first back to school.  Which I suppose isn't really a back to school, but just to school?  Is that how it works?  However you say it, Vivian is starting junior kindergarten!  

I am beyond excited for her to start school, and to be able to go full-time.  I'm not having any of those "my baby is growing up!" feelings at the moment, just excitement.  I just know that she's going to thrive in a school environment, and I can't wait to see what she learns!

The plan was for her to start in French Immersion, but unfortunately our school board doesn't offer French Immersion in junior kindergarten.  So she will be in an English school for this year, then next year she will be able to move to the French Immersion school.  She's recently had a re-check with her speech therapist and occupational therapist and they both think she's definitely ready.  It's a little bizarre to think that she's going to be only 3 years old starting school (damn those December birthdays!) but I just know she's going to rule the school.

I mean, that picture is definitely one of a kid with excellent social skills.  I'm sure she'll be super popular.

Is it wrong that I can't wait to pick out her new little backpack?  And lunch box, and shoes, and put little labels on all of her stuff?  Kids in junior kindergarten need lots of school supplies, right?  Because I really miss buying school supplies.  She probably needs a new protractor.

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