Monday, 13 January 2014

Treats of the Week - January Blahs

Are you feeling the January blahs setting in?  I've only had one full week back to work since the holidays and I'm already counting the days until the Family Day long weekend.  It's crappy outside and people seem to be sick everywhere.  All the more reason to find those little treats!

  • It's awards season!  Loved the Golden Globes last night - Amy and Tina are basically the greatest ever.
  • Also, HBO's Girls returned last night.  This show is basically religion to me now, I couldn't possibly love it more.
  • I got my new Keurig, a belated Christmas present.  I quite enjoyed my coffee this morning - can't wait to try out some new flavours.
  • Another belated Christmas present - no big deal, just THE GREATEST COAT IN THE WORLD.  I actually got it over a week ago, but then the whole Polar Vortex thing kind of made it impossible for me to wear it.  Love it, I totally needed a new "grown up" winter coat.

  • I keep reading different blog posts and articles about how people are changing the way that they use Pinterest.  I finally had enough of all the garbage pins cluttering up my boards and did a major purge.  Turns out that virtually purging junk feels just as good as actually purging junk.
  • Bonnie Toggs in Hyde Parks is renovating and therefore having a big sale.  Mom and I were there and grabbed a few things for the kids, and Vivian spotted a little stuffed Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony.  She grabbed it and asked if she could have it, and when I said yes she said she needed a Pinkie Pie to give to her cousin Blair.  How could I refuse that?  She hasn't forgotten or tried to make Pinkie Pie her own either - it's sitting up on a shelf, waiting until we see Blair on Wednesday so she can give it to her.  What a sweetie pie.

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