Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Thrifting Adventures

With all of this cold, crappy weather I seem to be spending lots of time in thrift stores lately.  Jenn and I spend a lovely day wandering around some shops, and I've been heading out to check places on my lunch break just so my car has a chance to warm up during the day.  I haven't been buying too much (trying to keep a handle on those unnecessary purchases!) 

But, I did take some pictures of the things that just had to be shared.  For whatever reason when Jenn and I were wandering we kind of forgot about taking pictures, so we had to do a second tour to grab a few pictures.  

Here's what we stumbled upon at the Brydges Street Antique Mall in London

Yeah.  So that appears to be some Q-tip porn I guess?  So weird.  It makes me uncomfortable.

These lamps were amazing - there were two of them and Jenn and I both fell pretty hard for them.  I think they were like $200 each though, so that was a no-go.

I kind of regret leaving this behind.  This tray was just so cool - it's numbered around the outside for each drink to show all of those stages one goes through.  It would be awesome to have behind a home bar, or even just hanging on the wall.  The graphics were pretty awesome.

This clock had Jenn written all over it - astrological signs around the border, and a cool rope to hang it on the wall.  The best part was that it actually has legs on the bottom of it so you could have it just sitting flat on a table.

Oh how I loved this bowling bag.  The only problem was that it came with a bowling ball and shoes, and I really only wanted the bag.  The bag was in amazing condition!

Not gonna lie - I've kind of been obsessing about this chess-themed wall art ever since seeing it.  It was $70, and is quite large.  The background of it is all woven and then the chess pieces are wooden.  So quirky and retro awesome...sigh, come to me.
The best part about our trip to Brydges was the ridiculously adorable gay couple we met at the checkout who were buying lamps and amazing belts.  One was an electrician who was buying up vintage lamps because of course he is.  We seriously almost went back in to ask if he had a business card because we wanted to be their new best friends, but probably aren't cool enough for them.

In any event, here is what I actually have managed to bring home with me lately.

I found this big Vegas tray at Talize for $2.99.

I wanted you all to have an idea of how big it is, so I used my lovely model for scale.

"Mommy, your plate is so big!"

I've also been finding a lot of my bowling pin glassware lately.  I found these salt and pepper shakers at the Brydges Market for $8.

And I found two of the fluted glasses there too for $4 each.

Then when I was at Value Village this week I found four more glasses for $1.99 for the set.  They actually match the salt and pepper shakers, but not the rest of my stuff.  So I guess I'm collecting two different sets of bowling pin glasses?  You know, as one does.

Yes, good times at the thrift stores.  Jenn made out like a bandit with a vintage lamp that's to die for - but hopefully she'll decide to rejoin the blogosphere and write all about it.  

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