Thursday, 30 January 2014

Outfit of the Day - I refuse to say "Mad for plaid"

Jenn and I were wandering around the mall the other day and saying how we just haven't seen any clothes lately that interested either of us.  Everything we see is just kind of okay or seemed to be aimed at someone older or younger, nothing quite right.  This is good for the wallet, but kind of disappointing for the closet.

We ventured into Suzy Shier, somewhere that I don't often have much luck, but it was worth a gander.  I've kind of been wanting to find a decent blazer - something that I could wear with jeans or skirts or dresses, so I was checking out their blazer selection when I came across this one.

That is one red, plaid blazer.  I held it up and said I was kind of crazily liking it, and Jenn demanded that I try it on immediately.  I didn't think I would be able to pull it off, but somehow it worked.  And it was the last one left in the store and it was actually in my size.  Meant to be!

It's a little strange, because there's no buttons on it, just a little hook and eye closure, but it's in a weird place.  Here it is done up how it's supposed to be:

Womp, womp.  It makes me too boxy - Stacey and Clinton would not be pleased.

Not a big deal - I figure I can just move the hook and eye closure up a little bit so that it nips in at the smallest part of my waist, like so:

Much cuter.

It's been a long time since I've worn a blazer, and I really enjoyed wearing it the other day.  I faked a LBD by just pairing a black tank and skirt to let the blazer be the real star for the first time I wore it.  When I tried it on in the store I was wearing a polka dot top and it actually looked kind of awesome together.  Jenn correctly identified it as "Power clashing" because we can apply HBO's GIRLS to everything, at all times.

I am totally in love with this little $20 gem.  It totally fits with my New Year's Resolution of only buying clothes that make me feel my absolute best too.  Now my only problem is trying to determine how often I can get away with wearing this - is once a week too often?  Not often enough?  I always worry that if I wear a real statement item like this too often people will start to think I'm crazy.  Also, it should go without saying that this needs to be worn with my glasses at all times.

Blazer - Suzy Shier
Tank - Old Navy
Skirt - Smart Set
Tights - Joe Fresh
Ankle boots - Aldo

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