Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Culling the Vintage Glassware Collection

It's not exactly a secret that I have a bit of a thing for vintage glassware.  If I had the space, I would collect about a million different patterns and have them all lined up neatly behind a bar so perfectly stocked that Don Draper would never want to leave.  Sigh, that's the dream.

Sadly, I have one small china cabinet, and too much glassware.  I can't bear to part with any of the pieces, but I thought it might be time to pack away a few things and pare things down a little bit.

Here's a glimpse at my overstocked (and dusty!) china cabinet.

And here's the full extent of my bowling pin glasses.

I decided to only keep out a maximum of 4 pieces of each size, since I have the set of four shot glasses that started it all.  Anything over that got packed away safely, just in case something breaks.

I realized while packing things away that while I have nine of these tall glasses, two of them are different than the rest.  The one on the left is more straight up and down, and the one on the right is slightly more flared.

Here's all of my amoeba pattern glasses, which is an oddly blurry picture.  Whatevs, you get the idea.

I actually use more of these glasses - those large mugs in the front there are part of my regular rotation (which explains why they're not covered in dust).  All of the gold has long since flaked off, so I feel okay about using them regularly.  I ended up packing away a bunch of the fluted glasses.

By packing away all those extra glasses, I could more easily see what pieces I need to keep an eye out for when I'm thrifting.  These are my most wanted.

I need three more of the bowling mugs, two more fluted bowling glasses, three more amoeba shot glasses, and two more amoeba brandy (I think?) glasses.  I also wouldn't be mad if I found some of the tall or lowball glasses in the amoeba pattern.

I'm also up to six of my leather band glasses, but I consider those to be part of the regular rotation too, so I'm sticking with all six.  They're just too damn cool to hide.

Maybe now that I've cleared out some space in the old china cabinet I'll get lucky and find some more amoeba stuff!  It's been ages since I've come across any of that pattern - let me know if you find anything!


Michele Sponagle said...

Those amoeba glasses come from a pattern called Futura. They were given out a gas stations with a fill up in the 1960s I think. Good luck in your hunt for cool stuff!

Jenn said...

I saw two if the amoeba flared highballs at Memory Lane today. The pair for $15 or $18, I believe.