Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Very Vivian - Happy 3rd Birthday to Vivian!

Vivian turned 3 on Sunday and we had a great weekend!  She's such a funny little girl, it was awesome to have such a fun weekend all focused around her.

On Saturday we headed out to see Dora in Sarnia.  A thrill for the parents, let me tell you.  But the kids had a blast - Vivian was pretty pumped since her Elf brought her a little Dora doll that morning to take to the show and she got a new Dora shirt to wear.  She had a lot of static cling to deal with though!

Since the Dora show was really her party, we kept her actual birthday pretty low-key.  That day my mom had rented the gym at an arena so that the kids could just run around and play.  We did this a couple times last winter and it works out really well.  A couple hours in a big open gymnasium where kids can just run wild and be as loud as they want to be can do wonders on those cold winter days!  The kids got to run wild and then went out for public skating before heading back for some cake at Grandma's house. 

Present-wise, the big hits were Play-Doh (I don't know why I bother to buy her anything else, this kid is crazy for Play-Doh) and the dollhouse.

Instead of Santa bringing her a dollhouse like I had originally planned, Grandma ended up getting her one for her birthday.  We went with the KidKraft Magnolia Mansion from Costco and Vivian loves it!  I'm super happy with the quality of it - she'll be playing with it for years!

Of course she was completely spoiled by everyone.  Her birthday felt like a practice run for Christmas, she had so much to open!  But how can you not spoil a sweet face like this?

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