Monday, 2 December 2013

Treats of the Week - December has arrived

Today was my first day back to work, and hopefully also the first day of really being back to the blog.  I'm feeling better, so hopefully things start falling back into the old routine!  Here are some treats!

  • Mom and I took the kids to see Frozen yesterday and it was awesome!  The kids loved it - I couldn't believe how good they all were through the whole thing.  The animation was beautifully done, and I really liked how they gave the whole "true love" idea a bit of a twist at the end.  Now Vivian is obsessed with it, so that changes up the wish list for her birthday and Christmas!
  • I watched the new Sarah Silverman HBO special and it was delightfully inappropriate.
  • Having some of my mom's homemade soup for lunch on my first day back to work.
  • I went to a trivia night at a friend's place on Friday and it was so much fun!  We played 80s trivia, which was a little hard for this poor little '82 baby.
  • My friend Amanda and I had a chance to get together while I was still off work.  Our girls are the same age and are playing really well together right now, so it was so nice to just let them play while we got to sit and visit!
  • Santa dropped off an Elf on the Shelf for Vivian on the weekend.  She thinks it's pretty funny so far, although I don't know how much she understands it.  We still haven't gotten around to naming him yet, and I'm already getting tired at the thought of having to find a place to put him every day.  But hey - that's what we do for kids at Christmas.

  • Also hanging out in that picture with the Elf is "The Blondes" by Emily Schultz.  It was a book club pick, and I'm so sorry that I missed the meeting to discuss it because I really, really loved the book!  Unfortunately I had a sick Vivian to deal with, so there was no meeting for me.  I would highly recommend the book though!

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