Monday, 16 December 2013

Treats of the Week - The Christmas Tree and stuff...

I have been slowly dying of a cough for the last five days or so, but here's my best attempt at coherent thoughts.

  • Got the Christmas tree up - in all of its tacky, ball-filled glory.  Vivian was deeply interested for about 10 minutes, followed by complete and utter disinterest.

  • I finished wrapping my Christmas presents and put in my final Amazon order over the weekend.  Just need a few more gift cards and I'm done!
  • I went to see Dallas Buyers Club on the weekend and it was really fantastic, definitely recommend.  Being in the company of some awesome ladies made it all the better!
  • And I FINALLY got to make my first Victoria's Secret purchase!  Divine!
  • I had my 6 week follow-up with the surgeon and have been given the go-ahead to lift things again.  This is a good and bad thing.
  • While wandering around Chapters (technically, the new Indigo in London, which is complete chaos) I was stopped in my tracks by this little book cover.

  • I was coughing so badly in court today that a defendant came up at a recess to give me a mint.  I'm pretty pathetic these days.
  • Vivian has been pretty into My Little Pony these days, and I have to say I don't really mind snuggling in bed and watching an episode or two with her before bedtime.
  • I tried McDonalds poutine, which basically tastes like self-loathing.  For reals though, it isn't bad, it's just that the fries aren't quite sturdy enough to hold up to the gravy/cheese curd weight.
  • Watching Sherlock and eating white cheddar popcorn.
  • Having someone make you soup when you feel like a pile of garbage.
  • I came across this flamingo Christmas lawn ornament at Canadian Tire, so it's pretty safe to say I'm going to be stalking it come the Boxing Day sales.

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