Thursday, 12 December 2013

Outfit of the Day (and Night)

I'm not really one for cute pajamas - I'm more of a sloppy t-shirt and giant jogging pants kind of person.  But when my surgery was scheduled I figured I would be spending a lot of time in pajamas so I had might as well get some cute ones.  I also wanted to make sure that my PJs would be easy to access for bandage changing purposes.  I had originally wanted some old man style button-down pajamas, but ended up not being able to find any that I liked that weren't crazy expensive.  While shopping with my friend Jeannette she found these nightshirts at Target and they are so awesome that I had to tell everyone!  I've talked my friend Amanda into getting some too - I'm starting a revolution.

So they're nothing fancy, but they're super comfortable and they were nice enough that I felt dressed when company would come to visit, instead of just slobbing around in random clothes.  They are even nice enough that I've ventured out to the store in them before.  Not that I have any qualms about going out in my usual sloppy stuff, but I feel like when I'm out in these pajamas you can't really tell that they're pajamas.  I got this plaid one and another one with birds on it, which Vivian thinks is pretty funny.

The nightshirts aren't super long, which I love.  I was worried that a nightshirt would end up being more like a nightgown, but these are kind of tunic length.  I got some cheap pairs of leggings to wear with them and they're awesome.  It's super comfortable, and nice and warm.  The sleeves are easy to roll up or down if I need to as well.  I'm excited to have them for Christmas morning too, yay for cute Christmas pictures!

Nightshirt - Target
Leggings - Joe Fresh
Slippers - Sorel

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