Tuesday, 5 November 2013

The Timeline

I thought I would post about the length of time and the number of appointments it took to get to the point of having my surgery for anyone who is interested or who might be considering having a breast reduction done.  It has been a bit of a long process - so it might be good to ask early!

  • Summer 2001 - My mom took me to the doctor to talk about a breast reduction because she thought it would be the ideal time to have it done.  It was the summer between high school and starting university, so she figured it would give me a bit of a fresh start so that I wouldn't go to university as "The girl with the big boobs".  While it would have been the perfect time, I wasn't mentally ready to let go of that piece of my identity yet.  The doctor could tell that I wasn't psychologically ready for it, so the idea got shelved.
  • December 2010 - Vivian is born, and I do my damndest to nurse her.  At that point I was wearing a 38J and it was way too small.  I couldn't find a nursing bra that was comfortable and supportive enough, so I wore a regular underwire bra and just slid the strap down my arm to give me enough room to do what we had to do.  It was extremely uncomfortable for both Vivian and I, so I ended up only nursing for six months instead of the full year that I had hoped for.
  • January 2012 - I was becoming glaringly obvious how uncomfortable things were for me.  Going to swimming lessons with Vivian, playing with her on the floor, running around in the yard, everything was an uncomfortable effort.  I didn't feel like she was getting the best of me, and I felt like I was ready to really talk about having the surgery.  I didn't feel like I was going to have a second baby, and I felt like even if I did it was worth the risk of not being able to nurse them.  I had an appointment with my family doctor to talk about a consultation with a plastic surgeon, and got my appointment.  It was for May 2013.
  • May 2013 - Almost a year and a half later I was finally sitting in the surgeon's office.  There was a bunch of paperwork to fill out (including putting down what size I would like to be after the surgery.  I was only slightly disappointed that it didn't include any computer imaging programs since I was totally expecting it to be exactly like that scene in "Singles").  She explained the surgery to me and took some measurements and pictures to be sent to OHIP for approval.  At this point I'm wearing a 34HH, and she only has to take one look at me to say, "Yeah, you're not going to have any problem getting this approved."  She tells me the wait will probably be 9-12 months, which sounds fine to me since I'm still worried about Vivian being old enough for me to do the surgery.
  • June 2013 - I get my approval letter in the mail.  OHIP will be covering the surgery - so grateful that this is an option.  The letter states that it could be a 1-2 year wait, and that I'll get a phone call about 3-6 months before to let me know when it's been scheduled.  I put the letter aside and hope that I'll hear back about it before the end of 2013, but don't get my hopes up.
  • October 22, 2013 - I get a phone call from the surgeon's office.  There's been a cancellation, and there's an available spot on November 7th if I want it.  I ask if I can get back to them by the end of the day and begin frantically emailing people to figure out if this is even a possibility.  Can I get the time off work?  Can I get help with Vivian?  Am I actually ready to do this?  While I wasn't sure how I felt about it at first, once I started getting other people's reactions to it (Along the lines of 'This is an amazing opportunity and you absolutely have to just go with it, everything will work out fine.') I called the office back and said I would take the appointment.  But first - three more appointments to get through before November 7th!
  • October 23, 2013 - I'm back in the surgeon's office first thing in the morning.  Because it has only been about six months since she'd seen me last, she didn't bother with new measurements or anything.  We went over the surgery again and I confirmed my "after" size.  I'd initially written down that I would like to go down to a D or DD ish, realizing that there isn't exactly a template that she'd be following.  She said that that's exactly where I should be, and that most women come in wanting to go down to a B or a C and it's just not feasible in most cases.  It's all about being proportionate, and she bluntly stated that I would look ridiculous any smaller than that.  
  • Later in the day on October 23, 2013 - I also managed to get in with my family doctor for my pre-op physical.  Nothing too crazy - just getting weighed, measured, examined, just to make sure I'm physically fit for surgery.  Got my form filled out and away I went.
  • October 29, 2013 - Happy birthday to me, it's time for my pre-admit at the hospital.  Got myself all registered in case I have to stay overnight (the surgery only takes about 2 1/2 hours, so I should be able to go home the same day unless there are any problems), have the surgery and recovery explained to me again, and have some blood taken.
So that's it - all of the boxes have been checked, forms have been filled out, surgical bra has been purchased, all set to go.  I don't think it's really hit me yet, and I'm actually feeling relieved that I had such short notice.  If I had been given the 3-6 months notice that I was supposed to originally have, I think I would have stewed and stressed and worked myself up about it to the point that I may have considered backing out.  I'm terrible at overthinking things, so this short timeline is forcing me to just go with the flow and get it over with.

Tomorrow I call the hospital to find out what time my surgery will be taking place, then it's really all set to happen!  Thank you all again for all the well wishes and positive thoughts - it's much appreciated!  And now, some Superbad.  Because of course.

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