Thursday, 17 October 2013

Very Vivian - When and Then

Vivian is a very stubborn kid.  Always has been, always will be.  When she gets an idea in her head, it can be really difficult to talk her out of it, which leads to tantrums and meltdowns.  And Vivian's meltdowns are not to be trifled with - they're not just a tantrum, they can quickly turn into a 45 minute inconsolable episode that leaves us both exhausted.

So obviously I try to do as much as possible to keep her from melting down.  But then you end up walking a fine line between keeping her happy and turning her into a spoiled brat.  To help with this, I've been using a lot of "When/Then" phrases with Vivian.  My mom suggested it first, and the OT has also recommended it.  See, apparently kids don't really listen to you (shocking, I know) so they usually only hear the last thing that you say.  So if Vivian says that she wants a cookie and I say, "No, you can't have a cookie until after dinner" she'll freak.  All she hears is "No" and something about dinner.  But if I say, "When you finish dinner, then you can have a cookie" all is well.  She hears and understands that she can have a cookie, so she's happy.  Instead of a screaming monster, I get a "Okay, mommy" and that's that.  IT'S MAGIC.  

First/Then works well too - "First dinner, then a cookie".  Simple, to the point, and keeps everyone happy.

Not exactly rocket science, but it's a little piece that's fallen into place lately that's really been helping Vivian.  She's been making a lot of progress lately, it's been so great!

I don't really have a new picture for this week, but here's a video of her watching her favourite videos on YouTube.  Just the usual stuff, people opening Kinder eggs.  Nothing weird about that.  Her vocabulary has come so far - she likes to sit and narrate the video now.

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