Monday, 7 October 2013

Treats of the Week - October is the best month

  • Vivian got to go to her friend Ellyot's dance class last week and she completely loved it.  It was so much fun to see her really getting into it and actually listening!  She's signed up for her own lessons now - starts tomorrow!
  • While stopping at Tim Hortons to get a coffee and a couple of Timbits for Vivian we managed to score two free donuts.  Apparently they were "just going to throw them out anyway" so we got them.  I didn't ask any questions, I just fed them to my kid.
  • I went to see Gravity on the weekend and absolutely loved it.  I thought it was amazing - so well done, really worth seeing it on the big screen!
  • It is October now, which means it's officially my birthday month ALL MONTH LONG.
  • Vivian had to have some bloodwork done this week (a long story for another post) and while it was a brutal outing that resulted in much screaming, it made me so incredibly grateful that I have a healthy kid.  There's nothing like a trip to the children's hospital to give you some perspective.
  • Along the same lines - Vivian had an appointment with her speech therapist and occupational therapist this week and they both came to the house at the same time to make it easier on us.  I can't say enough good things about the Thames Valley Children's Centre - they are amazing to work with!
  • The bonus features on This is the End are awesome - and are made even better when enjoyed with pizza, beer, and good company.
  • I got all the random crap sorted out in the basement on the weekend and sent off to Once Upon a Child and Goodwill - gotta start making room before Christmas gets here!
  • I have been listening to a lot of Dan Carlin's Hardcore History podcast and have been really enjoying it - definitely makes those drives to work more enjoyable!
  • Vivian was quite proud of herself for balancing her water bottle on her apple, obviously.

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